2017-03-07 05:43 pm
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Height don't matter

If you are too short , don’t be unhappy. Dwarf or midget? Life goes on. Don't worry.You might have to struggle to find a suitable woman for you ,but remember everyone has a chosen partner for him. So height really don’t matter. If you can earn your own bread that makes you a man. If you are taller than 4 feet 10 inches you are not a dwarf nor a midget. Dwarfism is a genetic disease while midgets are normal people. Dwarfs have disproportionate limbs while this condition isn’t the case for midgets. The word dwarf was derived from the German word “dhwergwhos” meaning tiny. In the Olden English, it was noted as “dwerg” which was then used to refer to a person with a very small stature
Be a dwarf ,midget or a 6 foot hunk , all that matters is money. Believe me the world is after money. So if you have it you have every thing. People say money cannot buy love .Well they are definitely wrong.